Our mission is to create a new way of skin care and take you with us on this journey. We help women worldwide to reach their true outer potential and shine every day. We deeply believe that healthy and fresh skin leads to a more confident appearance and makes you happier and happier.


At the beginning of 2020, Toni asked herself what else she could do about her impure and dull skin. Unfortunately, her previous care products and cleansing brushes did not have the desired effect. In discussions with her friends, she realized that many women have a similar problem to her.

Together with Mihael, she searched the market for a suitable solution. Products that seemed promising were unfortunately too expensive. Cheaper products, however, did not produce the desired effect.

The two of them did not want to leave this dilemma alone and decided to work on their own concept. It was to be a facial brush that was affordable and at the same time achieved the best possible results.

Within a few months, the two had created a product concept and a business plan for implementation.

Team size: 2 👩👨


Behind every strong and successful product there is a strong brand. The small team will start brand building in the summer. After many sleepless nights, countless discussions and feedback from those around you, Ovall was finally born. A brand that appeals to self-confident women of all ages and stands for quality and positive results.

Team size: 2 👩👨


The two spent the autumn contacting international producers and viewing and testing dozens of samples of the existing product concept.

Team size: 3 👩👨🧑🏽


3…2…1…GlOw! After intensive months, many sleepless nights and countless discussions, the time had come: Ovallskincare.de went live!

The past few months were just a foretaste of what was to come. The first series of the Ovall facial cleanser was sold out within a few days and the response from the rapidly growing Ovall community was overwhelming.

100,000 Happy Customer