Die Richtige Hautpflege nach dem Feiern

The right skin care after the party

Finally! What have we been waiting for, what have we missed!

After a year and a half, the clubs are allowed to open doors and gates for their guests again. You can dance, drink and celebrate without limits, all night long.

After such a long abstinence, it can of course easily happen that one or the other may go overboard and wake up the next morning or at noon with a hangover. What is so good for the soul and mind is unfortunately not always the best for the body.

Every fun usually has a price and at the latest at the first sight of the morning reflection you may ask yourself whether the last sip was maybe not so good and where you actually left your face.

Alcohol and lack of sleep are maximum stress factors and leave us looking wrinkled, bloated and sallow in the morning.

The morning after

The question of who is the most beautiful in the whole country should be deliberately postponed to the next day.

In order for the answer to be as desired, it is first necessary to apologize for the nocturnal escapades with a pampering program for the skin.

But first one of the most important basic rules: always remove your make-up properly!! No matter how late or early you stumble through the front door, the first step should always be to the bathroom and sink.

No matter how tired or drunk, the make-up and dirt have to come off. If at all possible, apply a rich, regenerating night cream.

Alcohol removes water from the body: In addition to your skin, your head will also thank you the next morning if you drink plenty of water before going to bed. As much as possible. It is best to put the water bottle on the bedside table before you go out.

Ideally, after such a night, you can spend the next day again, as you have practiced for a year and a half, in a jogger on the couch - an excellent prerequisite for the wellness program that the body and skin now urgently need.

These home remedies can help

Against the swollen eyes helps - the classic - the good old cucumber! Swimming in the gin the night before, she can mitigate the consequences of this indulgence in the morning. Don't forget to put the cucumber in the fridge in the evening so that it's really nice and cold in the morning. Put the chilled cucumber slices on your eyes for 20 minutes. This reduces swelling and gently moisturises the sensitive area around the eyes.

For the rest of the face, it is best to treat yourself to a hyaluron or moisture mask. If you like it natural, you can also apply a cold quark mask and let it work for 20 minutes.

By the way, for the tea drinkers among you; please do not throw away the tea bags! You can also put these on your eyes for 20 minutes. Black tea, green tea and chamomile tea have a decongestant effect and lighten dark circles under the eyes.

Alcohol not only deprives the body and skin of moisture and nutrients, it also stimulates the skin's production of sebum, which clogs pores and encourages breakouts. That's why you often get annoyed about one or the other pimple on your face after the party. A gentle peeling helps here, preferably with the help of our Ovall ultrasonic brush. Then you cleanse with micellar water and apply a soothing, non-greasy care product.

Not only the skin, your entire body simply needs an extra portion of "healthy" to regenerate the "day after".

So buy accordingly in advance. In addition to cucumber and quark, grapefruit, avocado, leafy greens or rocket, lemon and fish should be on the shopping list. This also spoils the liver all over.

Do without the sweets and chips today, drink plenty of unsweetened green tea and plenty of water with lemon (at least 2 liters), so the toxins are flushed out of the body.

You see!! With this first-aid program, you send a big “sorry” to your body and skin and then you can risk a look in the mirror again in the evening.

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